Our Vision

Building a Yeshua-centered Judaism for Israel and the Nations.


For two thousand years, anti-Jewish patterns of thought and action have created a deep divide between Yeshua, Judaism, the Jewish people, and the nations. Removing Yeshua from within Judaism has robbed the followers of Jesus and the Jewish people of shalom and blessings.
This tragic separation has stalled the advancement of God’s kingdom
on earth.

The path towards the Kingdom of God involves bringing Yeshua, Judaism, Jews, and Gentiles back together for the sake of the world. Tikvat David is a Messianic Jewish Synagogue that is dedicated to this process of restoration.

Tikvat David practices Judaism with Yeshua/Jesus at the center of it. We are a welcoming community that is dedicated to Torah, Messiah, and each other. Here are some additional statements that express who we are and how we function:

-TD is a synagogue that practices Messianic Judaism. It serves as a space where Jews can live out their covenant calling as Jews with Yeshua at the center of their Torah observance.

-TD is a home for Messianic Gentiles who desire to practice Judaism - and they are valued as people who are a distinct, equal, and essential component of Messianic Judaism.

-TD is part of the Atlanta Jewish community and seeks to serve with and participate in the vibrant Jewish life offered here.

-TD is part of the Body of Messiah and as such we seek to build relationships with churches, Messianic congregations, and ministries in Atlanta and beyond.

-TD is a community that learns and grows as disciples of Yeshua chiefly through Scripture and also through traditional Jewish sources.

-TD is a community that seeks to grow in observing the Torah according to traditional Jewish norms.

-TD is a community that takes care of our own by praying, serving, forgiving, comforting, rejoicing with and providing for each other.

-TD is a community that seeks to be a light to those outside of our synagogue walls – by giving of our time and resources to shine the light of Yeshua.

-TD is a community that welcomes diversity, questions, and respectful debate by cultivating and protecting an environment of safety and inquiry.

-TD is a community that actively seeks to practice Tikkun Olam, which is a Jewish concept meaning to repair the world.