Past Teachings

Tikvat David is committed to being a strong learning community. In Judaism, there is a saying that "study is the highest form of worship." As we study, we learn. And as we learn, we become more equipped as followers of Yeshua. We hope you will enjoy the teachings below.


Guest Speaker - Daniel Lancaster - HEBREW SERIES

We recently had a conference on the book of Hebrews at our Synagogue.  It was a great series brought to use by Daniel Lancaster from FFOZ.  If you would like to listen to the series we have the sessions posted below:

Past Teachings

The following teachings were recorded during the teaching hour at Tikvat David. The "TD teaching hour" is unique in that it is interactive and allows for a significant amount of exchange between the Rabbi and the participants. We hope that these teachings will inspire you to visit our synagogue in person to experience the "live action" in our teaching hour.