Building a Yeshua-centered Judaism for Israel and the Nations.


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Parsha Teaching

Each week, we have a Torah service and then the Rabbi shares some insights from the weekly Torah portion.

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Stone Table Discussions

The "stone table" at Tikvat David is part of our DNA! The stone table represents a place of community, shared life, and learning the ways of Torah and Messiah. On most Shabbat afternoons, we have a focused discussion that encourages inquiry and exchange about key topics in the Bible and Judaism.


Children + Teens

Tikvat David is committed to the next generation. We seek to instill our children and teens with a love for Yeshua and Judaism.

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Special Events

Tikvat David regularly hosts special events that serve to enrich our community.

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Join us
to learn
and grow.

Tikvat David is a community that loves to learn and grow as disciples of Yeshua. We love to ask questions and dig deep into the treasures the Torah. We welcome you to join us this Shabbat.

The path towards the Kingdom of God involves bringing Yeshua, Judaism, Jews, and Gentiles back together for the sake of the world. Tikvat David is a Messianic Jewish Synagogue that is dedicated to this process of restoration.
— Rabbi Lambert