What to Expect

We want your visit to our synagogue to be warm, welcoming, and worshipful.  We hope that these questions and answers will help you to get to know more about us.  If you have any further questions before or after your visit, feel free to contact us at info@tikvatdavid.org.


Q. What are Tikvat David’s services like?

A. In our Shabbat morning service, we utilize a Messianic Jewish Siddur (prayer book) and follow the order for the Shacharit prayer service. We also have a music/worship set and a Torah service. Most of the prayers are in Hebrew and include a transliteration and English translation. The service typically ends around noon. At that point, we take a 5-10 minute break, grab a snack, and then we have a teaching hour until a few minutes after 1 PM. During the teaching hour, the kids and youth go to age appropriate classes while the adults stay in the sanctuary. The teaching hour is interactive and typically quite lively! After the teaching hour, we have Kiddish (blessing over the wine and challah) and then we have lunch. Lunch is pot luck. We love for guests to stay and join us for lunch. Typically, folks hang around and fellowship into the afternoon. At 2:15 PM, we offer a Mincha (afternoon prayers) service for those who would like to participate. And on a regular basis, around 2:30 PM, we will have a “stone table” discussion about a particular Torah related topic.


Q. What is appropriate dress for Tikvat David?

A. We have a range of dress. Generally speaking, our folks dress business casual.  With whatever you wear, please reflect modesty.
Kippot (head coverings) are available for men to wear. There is a basket of kippot in the foyer. Help yourself!

Q. Do I have to be Jewish to visit?

A. No. While we are a Messianic Jewish synagogue, we have many non-Jews that are a part of our congregation.



Q. Is Tikvat David part of an association or denomination within Messianic Judaism?

A. Yes, Tikvat David is an active member of the Union of Messianic Jewish Congregations (UMJC).  For more info on the UMJC, go to www.umjc.org 

 Q. What is the Tikvat David statement of faith?

A. Our statement of faith accords with that found on the UMJC (see above question) website.  This can be found at http://www.umjc.org/statement-of-faith/